What Do We Know About New Testament Worship?

What do we know they did in their Christian worship services in the Bible? We know they sang the Bible. We know that preached the Bible. We know they prayed the Bible. We know they read the Bible. We know they saw the Bible in the sacraments. We don’t see dramas or pet blessings or liturgical dance numbers. So why wouldn’t we want to focus on everything we know they did in their services?

—Kevin DeYoung, “The Freedom of the Regulative Principle

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  1. I am so thankful to be a member of a congregation and denomination that sings songs that are in the Bible exclusively. I’m blessed to be in a congregation/denomination where the Bible is preached, prayers are Bible saturated, the Bible is read and the Bible is seen [in the sacraments]!!!

    • I also attend the same type of church and it truly is freedom and a blessing. It’s funny, I lived in East Lansing and nearby for many years and if I still did I wonder if I’d be a member of DeYoung’s church. Enjoyed his What is the Mission of the Church book.

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