A Nationalism That Does Not Honor Christ

The message—that ethnicities shouldn’t mix, that heretics can be killed, that violent revolution is already justified, and that what our nation needs is a charismatic Caesar-like leader to raise our consciousness and galvanize the will of the people—may bear resemblance to certain blood-and-soil nationalisms of the 19th and 20th centuries, but it’s not a nationalism that honors and represents the name of Christ. Read More»

Kevin DeYoung | “The Rise of Right-Wing Wokeism” | November 28, 2022


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  1. See Dr. Clark’s previous post about Christian Nationalism being Cosplay. We are one generation away from being a world like Scandinavia, where a single digit % of people call themselves Christians, despite how devout they really might be. I believe that Gen Z is already in that % range. In the onslaught of these demographics, Christian Nationalists and Theonomy people are like two ticks arguing over which one owns the dog they are both biting.

    • Paul: I’ve been saying the same thing for some time. Christian Nationalism and theonomy might have some capacity to affect the visible Church but their ability to have any appreciable effect on the culture, I believe, is negligible.

  2. I don’t want to be the first to point out the irony when he ridiculed the “dad bod” of PCA pastors.

  3. The sadness of this all is we continue to return to back to our “own” feelings and thoughts instead of resting in the fact of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Nationalism is just another distraction for anyone who understands the gospel. Its like Galatians continuously rearing its ugly head.

  4. It is understandable to lament over the now increasingly visible decline of our society which no longer walks but runs from natural/creation law, like a prodigal son. Are we to merely stand by and watch? We have to believe what we hold as good, beautiful and true would be good for a society to embrace…. if they could. Meanwhile we pray, since it is how we wage war and exercise our duties as citizens of this society.

    • Hi Chris,

      No, we shouldn’t merely stand by. One of the benefits of distinguishing two spheres in the Kingdom is to liberate Christians to engage society on the basis of creation (and to witness to about redemption society on the basis of special revelation). The Pietist/evangelical turn toward the Anabaptist view of nature and grace set up a scenario where we can only engage if we are winning or in control. That’s not so.

      E.g., Christian, Get Involved

  5. It is so very tempting to throw up my hands in resignation and declare, “It’s all gonna burn” , but my heart is not so hardened. Living in a society which is intent on destroying itself in the name of liberating itself is maddening, or would be so if I didn’t trust in a future and to some degree a present (or at least the possibility of a present ) redemption of creation by her creator.

  6. The Lord didn’t call me to save this society. He has set before me seemingly ordinary tasks. He wants me to love my wife, my family, His Church, and those he puts in my path who I can help. I can’t save this society, end world hunger, or bring about world peace. He has called me to run *my* race and to leave the rest to him. I have faith in His ability to do whatever He sees fit to do since it is His agenda and His timetable.

  7. On a related note, not only are the proponents of Christian nationalism sorely misguided, but the charge of Christian nationalism against citizens who espouse natural law is propaganda campaign.

    The fact is, Christians are not the only target. Even atheists and their movement has been targeted. Cancelled evolutionary biologist, has been outspoken about how even the atheistic/naturalist movement and reality itself has been hijack by Soros Inc.

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