New in Print: Brian Lee on Cocceius

There are few subjects in historical theology about whom more has been written on the basis of less research than Johannes Cocceius (1603-1669). He has been alternately hailed as the “founder” of covenant theology and the corrupter of it. Of course, both . . . Continue reading →

Lee: Christianity Neither Conservative Nor Socialist

URCNA Pastor, the Rev Dr Brian Lee, a WSC grad, has an stimulating OpEd piece in today’s Daily Caller. He argues “Both the Christian Right and the Christian Left get the question of Christianity and politics wrong. Christianity is not politically conservative . . . Continue reading →

Truth and Consequences: The Politics of Abortion

URCNA Pastor, the Rev Dr Brian Lee, a WSC grad, has another stimulating OpEd piece in today’s Daily Caller. “The course of my life roughly coincides with the post-Roe v. Wade abortion debate in America. The Supreme Court decision was issued on . . . Continue reading →

Brian Lee Reviews Love Wins

Brian Lee reviews Love Wins on the Daily Caller. Brian writes: “Rob Bell is one of the hottest Christian preachers in the nation today, but does he say anything that’s uniquely Christian? In his new book, “Love Wins,” Bell paints a picture . . . Continue reading →

Joel’s Not So Bad After All?

Mark Driscoll on Joel Osteen

UPDATED 14:02 5 Feb 2013 So says YRR (Young, Restless, and Reformed) leader Mark Driscoll in an interview (regarding his forthcoming book) published by the TGC: Q: You observe that “appreciated people” exchange grumbling for praying, competing for celebrating, bitterness for thankfulness, . . . Continue reading →