“Are You A Christian?” On Martyrdom

The pragmatic calculation is to deny Christ. To take a shot in the kneecap, a ride to the hospital, and return home to the embrace of your family. To live to provide and care for them all the remaining days of your earthly life.

But Christianity isn’t pragmatic. It is a word of folly. The Lord of glory, the creator of the universe, offered himself on a cross so others may live. Not live the American dream, but live as God intended us to, forever, in his presence, in glory. Read more »

—Brian Lee, “‘Are You A Christian?’ A Meditation On Martyrdom

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  1. It isn’t that straightforward, is it? Does one owe the truth to a criminal who is in the act of committing a crime in one’s country?
    Accounts of people denying Christ and then repenting with some remorse are not rare, e.g. Bilney and Cranmer. Neither, similarly, are accounts of complete apostates, e.g. Shaxton. What are fairly rare, however, are accounts of people “denying Christ” and then, without any remorse or repentance over it, going on to seal their testimony unmistakably; in fact I only know of one: George Wishart recanted in England, so that he could seal his testimony in Scotland; which he did (I do wonder what his position would have been, had he been suddenly struck dead while in England – He must have been convinced that that was not going to happen).

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