Contra Natalis Solis Invictis

CHRISTMAS (from Old English Cristes maesse “Christ’s mass”).† Observance commemorating the birth of Jesus. In the Western church, the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord was first celebrated on December 25 ca. A.D. 336, the date apparently chosen to counter the . . . Continue reading →

Lee: Christianity Neither Conservative Nor Socialist

URCNA Pastor, the Rev Dr Brian Lee, a WSC grad, has an stimulating OpEd piece in today’s Daily Caller. He argues “Both the Christian Right and the Christian Left get the question of Christianity and politics wrong. Christianity is not politically conservative . . . Continue reading →

None Dare Call It Confused: USA is Not Israel

Apparently the Christian right has planned an event for May 1, 2010—May Day 2010 (HT: Allan Bledsoe). According to the May Day 2010 site this event is “a cry to God for a nation in distress.” They call “Christian leaders of all . . . Continue reading →