Concluding Reflections on RRC

At Restless and Reforming.

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  1. Again I am new to this blog so forgive me that I am jumping ahead of the curve. I am greatly intrigued by your book after reading this post. The Reformed theology and the efforts of folks such as yourself and Dr. Sproul are encouraging. We all seem to be on a called path of waking up the remnant of God to His Truth. And that sir is my point. Stick to the truth and not the name you give to it. Christians and sinners alike find it disengaging. To them, it’s just another denomination. That is NOT what you are trying to accomplish I’m sure. We want people to know the Truth and be set free. That Truth has a Name – the LORD Jesus Christ. It is not WFC, RRC, or all these other confusing acronyms. While they are fine for scholarly study, they are inappropriate on the web for it reaches the whole world. Continue in boldness brother!

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