Young, Restless, and Arbitrary?

I’m watching a video interview of Collin Hansen, author of Young, Restless, and Reformed. At about 21 minutes into the interview I heard a familiar voice: WSC alumnus Jonathan King (MA, HT), now a PhD student at TEDS. You might know JK . . . Continue reading →

Collin Hansen on Evangelical "Self-Inflicted Amnesia"

Sometimes younger Christians give the impression that we have things figured out. We’re the future. We’ve found the old methods wanting, so we’ve developed new ones. We’re the generation that will strike the right balance where our forebears fell over to one . . . Continue reading →

It’s All About Eschatology (and History)

Collin Hansen has a stimulating post at the Gospel Coalition this morning (Pacific) lamenting the apparently declining desire for a “revival.” Collin’s post raises some very important questions. Why would one begin to doubt the desire for revival, which I have described . . . Continue reading →

The Scandal of Pagans Leading Worship

Collin Hansen has a fascinating series of interviews on the Gospel Coalition today asking a variety of pastors whether they allow those who make no Christian profession, who regard themselves as non-Christians, non-believers, those we used to call “heathen” or “pagans” to . . . Continue reading →