How You Can Help Izmir’s Protestant Church Help With Earthquake Relief

As you are surely aware, Turkey just experienced the most devastating earthquake in the long history of our earthquake-prone area. Ten districts are destroyed and 15 million people affected. We are writing to provide you with a clear and comprehensive plan for . . . Continue reading →

Reformation in Africa: Reaching Africa for the Gospel

One hundred and fifty years ago, Africa was predominantly pagan in the south, and Muslim in the north. Yet incredibly, today most of the world’s Christians are found in Africa. There are presently an estimated 680 million (and rapidly growing) professing Christians . . . Continue reading →

A Christmas Letter From Ukraine

The country woke up to the sound of air raid sirens today. Russians don’t cease their missile attacks on our infrastructure and civilian objects. Yesterday dozens of families in Cherson received a call from officials that their loved ones were killed or . . . Continue reading →

Teraz po polsku (Now In Polish) The Westminster Confession and Christianity & Liberalism

The Reformed theology, piety, and practice is a global phenomenon. Continue reading →

A Tour Of The Reformed World In Uganda

After my lecture in Covenant Theology class, a student, John,1 came up to speak with me. He shared that he was having trouble paying his fees, which is a common struggle post COVID. But he was having trouble for a more particular . . . Continue reading →

News From The Emmaus Reformed Church Of East Africa

Our brothers Benard Okongo and Evans Mokua have made great progress in planting a new Reformed church in Kisii Town, Kenya. This town is at the center of a county of over a million people. The Seventh Day Adventists have been very . . . Continue reading →

Fedya Says: Please Continue Praying

In the meantime, he grieves his separation from his family, mourns his country’s suffering, and hopes in the gospel. “I believe the Lord is using this terrible situation to advance his gospel,” he said. “That’s the only hope for the world.” Minakov . . . Continue reading →

From The Battlefield: The Peace Of Christ Is Greater Than Russkiy Mir

On February 24, at 5:00 AM I woke up in my Kyiv apartment. “What were those sounds? Lord, I hope it’s not missiles. Please Lord, let it be something else.”  I jumped out of bed, opened a window and listened. A few . . . Continue reading →

The Reformed Church In Milan Is Serving Ukrainian Refugees. You Can Help.

The congregation writes: Our church, Chiesa Riformata Filadelfia in Milan, Italy is raising funds to help brothers and sisters in Christ from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Kharkiv, Ukraine who are fleeing west for safety. As many of you have seen on . . . Continue reading →

Update On Ukrainian Refugees In Hungary

Every day brings new stories. Last evening we welcomed Irina, a young Ukrainian lady. Her family is from Donetsk, and she was in Kiev when the war started. She was in the last transports of refugees that left the encircled city. Somebody . . . Continue reading →

A New Reformed Federation Of Reformed Churches Is Forming In The Democratic Republic Of The Congo

The Reformed Faith Is A Global Faith

This week over three days, our dear brother Ephrem Bufole held a conference teaching elders and children’s ministry teachers the Heidelberg Catechism. These men are serious about the Reformed faith. They are leaving Pentecostalism behind. The pictures show the participants, the Three . . . Continue reading →

A Report From A Christian In Ukraine

It is very hard to process all that is going on right now in my country. I was in Kyiv when Putin sent his missiles and cruise rockets in every major city of Ukraine (including Kyiv). I woke up from explosions at . . . Continue reading →

Pray For Christians In Ukraine

It appears that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has begun in earnest. There are Reformed and Evangelical Christians in Donetsk, which was invaded yesterday. There are Reformed Christians in Kyiv associated with a seminary there. Pray for wisdom for our political leaders, . . . Continue reading →

The Three Forms Of Unity In Taught In Swahili, In Isiolo, Kenya

Heidelmedia Has A Global Reach

Thanks for providing such great resources. Many of our Kenyan friends are now listening to the Heidelcast series “I will be a God to you and unto your children.” Continue reading →