Brian Lee on the Real Problem with the Statement by the American Embassy in Cairo

But the real problem with the statement is its failure to grasp the inherently offensive nature of most religious belief. It belies the widely held belief that “good religion” must be utterly private, banal, and non-offensive. Read more

Pray For Christians In Ukraine

It appears that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has begun in earnest. There are Reformed and Evangelical Christians in Donetsk, which was invaded yesterday. There are Reformed Christians in Kyiv associated with a seminary there. Pray for wisdom for our political leaders, . . . Continue reading →

Update On Ukrainian Refugees In Hungary

Every day brings new stories. Last evening we welcomed Irina, a young Ukrainian lady. Her family is from Donetsk, and she was in Kiev when the war started. She was in the last transports of refugees that left the encircled city. Somebody . . . Continue reading →

Teraz po polsku (Now In Polish) The Westminster Confession and Christianity & Liberalism

The Reformed theology, piety, and practice is a global phenomenon. Continue reading →

Reformation in Africa: Reaching Africa for the Gospel

One hundred and fifty years ago, Africa was predominantly pagan in the south, and Muslim in the north. Yet incredibly, today most of the world’s Christians are found in Africa. There are presently an estimated 680 million (and rapidly growing) professing Christians . . . Continue reading →