Report of a Planned Attack on Christians in India

There are unconfirmed reports of a planned attack on Christians in the Orissa Province. Please pray. Let’s hope it’s just a rumor.

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  1. Dr. Clark,

    I am from India but I haven’t heard any such reports. But it is a place which is very volatile. So, prayer for Christians in Orissa is always relevant.

    2 years back Christians were massacred and many pastors were burned up — all before the eyes of the police(The Indian Prime Minister was embarrased when questions about this incident were raised in the India-EU summit, last year). It is also the place where an Australian missionary, Graham Staines, along with his 2 sons were burned alive in a car.

    I had visited the place about an year back and the Christians were still joyful. Its among the least developed states in India.

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