Diagram of Turretin's Divisions of Theology

This is nicely done. It’s not trialectical (triperspectival) but it will do for us mere mortals.


  1. Dr. Clark,

    As I put that together the concept of “Habitual Theology” was new to me. I did a little research and came across a brief reference to it Kuyper’s Encyclopedia, and a small section dedicated to it in Muller’s PRRD (under theological habitus). If I am understanding these sources, it seems like Habitual Theology corresponds roughly to the verbum internum.

    Where might I go to find a more extensive discussion of habitual theology?

    Brandon Wilkins

    • Good question. You might look at Muller’s volume After Calvin. There is, if memory serves, a little periodical lit but not much. There are lots of primary sources to consult – that’s where I would go. I can’t do the research right now. Let me know what you find.

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