Psalm 23 As You’ve Never Heard It Before

God's Word Transcends Cultural Boundaries

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  1. The singing leader appears to be wearing an Anglican collar. One can only guess that the video is part of a worship service from the Book of Common Prayer.

  2. I love this and could enjoy lifting this scripture in praise with these Christians. I wonder if Pastor Leon Brown is concerned about the church’s lack of diversity and whether they need to call a Pastor of Multiculture so that the congregation looks “more like the people of God”. Would they be surprised when I ascended the pulpit, etc.? As RSC posted this transcends culture, and I don’t think that is exactly what is being pursued when NAmerican churches hire someone especially for so-called multicultural ministry. God does not look upon the outward appearances but on the heart of believers; why do modernist/”evangelical” Christians I wonder? (Except to follow the world and the whims of the age?)

    • Todd, Way to never waste a blog post when you can make it about yourself and your own preoccupations and when you can use it to yet again disparage a Christian minister in good standing.

    • Todd,

      After your first comment, I decided not to react, to let it play out to see where you were going. I thought it was going to move toward a constructive discussion of a very important question but this most recent comment contains some of the same things that raised warning flags about your first, in this thread. Parts of that comment and this one seem abusive. You are imputing views to Rev Brown that he has not, to my knowledge, argued. You’re certainly imputing views that he has not argued here or in the post to which I linked. I know him reasonably well. We have discussed these topic at some length. I know that his heart’s desire is to see everyone, regardless of race, come to Christ and to be gathered together in congregations where there is no Jew, Gentile, slave, free etc. That’s a perfectly godly and biblical desire.

      I understand from your comments that you’ve had a rough time but I’ll not put up with abusive or demeaning language. You’re on warning. Next transgression and you’re done here.

  3. As an aside, because you all may not know this, I served at Rev. Matandika’s church in Canada for my first internship. He is an AMAZING man of God. I learned so much simply from observing him. If I learned that much then, I can only imagine what I would learn now. Thank you, Rev. Matandika!

  4. The character of my brothers, Fletcher and Leon, is reflected in their meekness before unfounded criticism. Like Paul, they rejoice that the Gospel is being preached, regardless of whether their chains are mocked (Phil. 1:18). Praise God for making that a hallmark of His ministry through servants such as these.

    And please do visit, where you’ll see the doctrines of grace proclaimed and celebrated on the ground level in one of the poorest countries in the world.

  5. How encouraging! I hear a lot of good things coming out of Malawi these days: from some of the missions I have links with (broadly Calvinistic evangelical), and now from Presbyterians too!

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