Update On Ukrainian Refugees In Hungary

Every day brings new stories. Last evening we welcomed Irina, a young Ukrainian lady. Her family is from Donetsk, and she was in Kiev when the war started. She was in the last transports of refugees that left the encircled city. Somebody put her on a bus that headed toward Budapest, Hungary. Then the siege of Kiev begun. Irina crossed the border and the bus drove her to the Budapest airport. All she had was a contact in Germany. From her remaining money she bought a plane ticket but still three days remained till departure. She was at the airport alone, nothing to eat, nowhere to go. No assistance was offered to her. She spent a day at the airport when a Christian friend, Sasha somehow found her and brought to our place. Irina lost her family and home but the Lord provided a place for her.

I share these stories because they convey the reality of war from another perspective than bare figures. Not that figures are not important. In the past week, our church property in Budapest could give shelter for 30 people. Our church in Miskolc was able to care for another 25. Yesterday, using the generous donations we were able to get financial support to 160 people in Ukraine. This enables brothers from our church and also other churches to buy supplies (food, fuel, medicine etc.) for the coming weeks. We helped a few other people to cross the border and come to Hungary. But remember, behind these numbers there are stories similar to that of Irina. Read more»

Péter Szabó | “Update On Ukraine” | March 4, 2022


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