How Hungarian Reformed Christians Are Helping Ukrainian Refugees

In the middle of the night a car arrived. Two families got out of the vehicle, that is two moms and three children. Both ladies are wives of pastors in northern Ukraine, in a city with an important transport hub, which makes it a quite likely target for Russian attacks. The wives had to leave their husband behind, because they care for the church that stayed in the city. Meal was prepared. “I haven’t eaten for two days and I am not even hungry,” tells us the senior lady. “Not for the lack of food, but mainly for the stress,” she explains. They had to embark on a 800-kilometer/500-mile long trip on their own, through war zones and difficult border-crossing procedures. The younger wife carried two small children, about 2 and 4 year old. Everybody was exhausted. They needed shelter, food, and rest, before continuing their journey to Germany, where her daughter lives. The were Christians, dear sisters in Christ, whom we could only understand through an interpreter and Google Translate. They did not know the languages we spoke, nor did we theirs. But still, there was one language we all understood: the language of the cross. The language of faith, hope, and love through Jesus Christ.

They left in the morning, there was a long road ahead of them. In a few minutes, we got a new call: “Do we know a place for a wheelchair man and his family?” They can stay in the church for a few days, and we hope to find a more permanent place for them. Read more»

Péter Szabó | “Update On Ukraine” | March 1, 2022


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  1. Heart breaking. Not that it wouldn’t tug on my heart before-but being a parent now-even more so. Thankful for a King who still sits enthroned and knowing that Justice will one day be served in full and then some.

  2. I reached out to the church and they provided this link with a direct paypal transfer as an alternative to the bank transfer information they have listed on the Hungarian version of their site. Alot easier to make the donation.

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