A Report From A Christian In Ukraine

It is very hard to process all that is going on right now in my country. I was in Kyiv when Putin sent his missiles and cruise rockets in every major city of Ukraine (including Kyiv). I woke up from explosions at around 5:15 am hoping that I misheard explosions, so familiar for my ears from 2014. My hopes dissipated when I saw a text message from our staff member from Odessa, who wrote that he heard a missile launch from the Black Sea. Then I wrote to another staff member in Kyiv who confirmed that he also heard loud explosions in the area. The war began. Few moments later my building shook from several more large explosions around our area in Kyiv. My whole inwards were shaken together with the building. Fear and confusion – is what I felt these moments. Until now, every thud I hear, unconsciously causes my insides to tremble. And this is just a description of a few minutes of war.

We are safe now but many of our brothers and sisters did not evacuate from Kyiv and other cities that are now under heavy bombing.

Please continue to pray for us and let others know what the Russian government does to us, Ukrainians.

With love in Christ.

[name redacted for safety]


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