The Reformed Church In Milan Is Serving Ukrainian Refugees. You Can Help.

The congregation writes:

Our church, Chiesa Riformata Filadelfia in Milan, Italy is raising funds to help brothers and sisters in Christ from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Kharkiv, Ukraine who are fleeing west for safety. As many of you have seen on TV, the city of Kharkiv has suffered from heavy bombing and is now occupied by the Russians. As of today, 14 members of this church (adults and children) have left Ukraine and sought refuge in neighboring countries. However, refugee camps are beyond full and there aren’t enough basic services available. These saints would like to relocate and find housing near our church so that they can worship with us and also so they can get some help navigating life in Italy. They don’t speak Italian and so they will need significant help settling in.

As you can imagine, they have been through a lot of physical and emotional trauma. We aim to help them by providing some of their basic needs. They need housing, household items, clothing, toiletries, diapers, groceries, etc. They’ve left their homes with little to nothing. Most only left with a few changes of clothes. Your donation will provide these brothers and sisters with some of these basic comforts that we all take for granted. Whatever you donate will be distributed by the council of Chiesa Riformata Filadelfia to these families. Below are some pictures of some of these brothers and sisters and pictures they took of their neighborhood as they were leaving.  Read more»


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  1. Just today I talked to someone in Naples, who helped some Ukrainian refugees in Naples to go to Milan. They were almost trapped in what appeared to be a human trafficking scheme.

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