A Christmas Letter From Ukraine

The country woke up to the sound of air raid sirens today. Russians don’t cease their missile attacks on our infrastructure and civilian objects. Yesterday dozens of families in Cherson received a call from officials that their loved ones were killed or injured by russian bombs. Every day someone’s mother and father receive a message about the death of their beloved son and daughter who went to the front to protect them. Yesterday a mother of a small child died of a heart attack after she was reported that her husband had died on the frontline. The child left without parents. Our son, Daniel right now is battling on the frontline in Bachmut (one of the hottest spots in Ukraine) with the enemies on all sides.We stay in darkness, without electricity, heat and water. That is how ukrainians meet Christmas this year.

So the question arises, how can we celebrate Christmas? How can we rejoice when evil is all around and darnes feels so tangible?

When we consider the meaning of incarnation of Christ, nothing can destroy the joy of this event. He came precisely to stop evil within and outside of us. He came to save his people and so we celebrate. He came to suffer greatly from the injustice of this world so that we might not suffer from God’s just punishment. Christ is the only hope for this world and his birth, life, death and resurrection are not some cozy legends, but the event in history that changed it once and for all!

We praise God for the peace and joy that he gave us. Peace and joy that are not from this world. Something that no one can take from us. Therefore, we celebrate.

I thank all of you who pray and support us. Our seminary continues to train future pastors and ministers. I have successfully taught another course on Historical Books in November. Thank you to all of you who prayed and helped me with your advice and materials. We are going to have another session in January 2023. I am working on an article for our Seminary Journal, Reformed View. Please pray for me as I really want the article to serve for the benefit of our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. We continue our efforts to help refugees.

Please especially pray for our son Daniel and the protection of his troop as he protects us. He is in dire circumstances right now. Russians are trying to take over the village where Daniel stands, and so far they are progressing in this wicked action.

With much love in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Your brother, Fedya and the Minakovs family.

Fedir Minakov, Th.M. Cand.
Academic Dean and
Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament
Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine
Kyiv, UA

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    Fedor Minakov (MDiv, Westminster Seminary California; ThM Cand. Westminster Theological Seminary) is Professor of Old Testament at the Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine in Kyiv.

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