Engaging Confessional Baptists on Covenant Theology (Part 2): Unity of Salvation in the Old and New Testaments

This two-part series engages recent confessional Baptist publications on the nature of covenant theology in order to help Reformed readers understand the Baptistic view better and to have some starting points for responding to it. Part one looked at new developments in . . . Continue reading →

1689 Vs. The Westminster Confession (3): The Play-By-Play

Our comparison and contrast of the WCF with the 2LC continues through chapter 1, “Of the Holy Scriptures.” After the first section, the documents are identical until section 2, where the the Savoy and the 2LC add a definite article to the . . . Continue reading →

There Is No Credo Baptist Heidelberg Catechism or Why Hercules Collins Was Not Reformed

For some years I have complained about Baptist squatters in the Reformed house. These are those Baptists who insist on re-defining the adjective Reformed. As it turns out, however, this habit of squatting is not new at all. Indeed, one of the . . . Continue reading →

What Is Figurative And What Is Literal In The Promise To Abraham In Genesis 17?

Jackson writes to ask, “As it relates to continuity with the Abrahamic covenant, for example, Abraham and his children get circumcised, therfore in the new administration, Jesus and his children (spiritual) get baptized. Do you think that someone can retain their Reformed . . . Continue reading →

Video: What Is Baptism?

The Rev Mr Scott McDermand is a graduate of Westminster Seminary California (MA, MDiv). He is pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Bad Axe, Michigan. A native of San Diego and a former baseball player, Scott served as full-time pulpit supply at Alpine . . . Continue reading →

Why Does It Take So Long To Explain Infant Baptism?

Yesterday someone commented on one of the BigSocialMedia platforms that the Heidelcast series, “I Will Be A God To You And To Your Children” helped them to understand and accept infant baptism (paedobaptism) as the biblical position. Someone else objected, in effect, . . . Continue reading →

On Being Reformed Now $19.99 Until December 31, 2020

On Being Reformed: Debates Over A Theological Identity is now $19.99 until December 31, 2020. Use the code: BEST20PAL to get the discount. For more information about this volume the introductory post. This volume is usually grossly over-priced but this is a . . . Continue reading →

IndyReformed On Baptism

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