Siempre Abusando De Semper Reformanda

Las iglesias de la Reforma tienen algunos lemas maravillosos llenos de verdades importantes. Sin embargo, a veces, estos lemas pueden ser tergiversados, malinterpretados y malentendidos. Con la posible excepción de sola Scriptura (solo la Escritura), ninguno de estos lemas ha sido distorsionado con más . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast 95: Reformation Happens


As you read this the churches, the theology, piety, and practice represented by confessionally Reformed and Presbyterian Churches is almost statistically invisible. Of the 60 million evangelicals in North America only a tiny fraction actually identify with the confessional Reformed and Presbyterian churches . . . Continue reading →

A Plan For Reforming Worship

Let’s say that a pastor decided that he wanted to reform the worship services of his congregation toward the earlier Reformed pattern of singing God’s Word without musical instruments. How would he go about it? Though we’re working with a concrete example, . . . Continue reading →

Of False Dichotomies, Science, and Progress in Theology

Edwin Walhout, a retired CRC minister, has published a provocative essay in The Banner, the denominational magazine of the Christian Reformed Church. In this essay he imagines how our orthodoxy will be viewed 1000 years from now. In order to set up the . . . Continue reading →