What Does Semper Reformanda Actually Mean?

RRC3dMike Horton gives a terrific explanation at the Ligonier blog. Here’s a bit:

“Some people today leave out the “Reformed” part or at least interpret it as “reformed” (little “r”): the church is “always being reformed according to the Word of God.” This means that to be Reformed is simply to be reformed and to be reformed is simply to be biblical. All who base their beliefs on the Bible are therefore “reformed,” regardless of whether their interpretations are consistent with the common confessions of the Reformed churches.”

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  1. Dr. Clark:

    May you and Dr. Horton’s tribe increase. And may new monies arise from wealthy donors to get more radio and TV spots, or whatever, to take more ground. Psalm 44.1-8, pushing back.

    Very encouraging.


  2. The Evangelical Lutherans, in the Book of Concord, describe themselves as “reformed.” (little r) They are, of course in agreement with us on many points. Just thought I’d comment!

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