Wanted: Better Tunes for the Psalms

We were having an interesting discussion about the WHI show on “happy-clappy” worship. One of the things for which I have been “banging the drum” is the need for contemporary settings of the Psalms. I love the Book of Psalms for Singing. . . . Continue reading →

Neo-Baalism: Experience-Driven Worship

James Oord summarizes a provocative passage from Eugene Peterson about worship: Peterson points out that experience-driven worship was the hallmark of Baalism, the religion of the Canaanites in the Old Testament era. Their entire worship structure was focused on catering to emotions. . . . Continue reading →

Deliver Me From the Wild Dogs

Michael Kearney writes: “The vivid image of howling, prowling dogs, occurring not once but twice in Psalm 59, is completely omitted from the text, as are the references to the “swords in their lips” (v. 7) and “the sin of their mouths” (v. 12).” Continue reading →

A Plan For Reforming Worship

Let’s say that a pastor decided that he wanted to reform the worship services of his congregation toward the earlier Reformed pattern of singing God’s Word without musical instruments. How would he go about it? Though we’re working with a concrete example, . . . Continue reading →

Prelacy And Its Train Extirpated

We cannot but admire the good hand of God in the great things done here already, particularly that the Covenant (the foundation of the whole work) is taken; Prelacy and the whole train thereof extirpated; the Service-book in many places forsaken; plain . . . Continue reading →

Singing In Acts 16:25 And Plausibility Structures

In the English Standard Version Acts 16:25 says “[a]bout midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them…”. Several other translations (e.g., NASB, NIV, TEV, ASV, RSV, NLT, NKJV, HCSB) follow this or . . . Continue reading →

Reconsidering The Offering As An Element Of Worship After Covid

Introduction: The Hypothesis Tested Way back in 2008 I asked the question whether the offering is an element or a circumstance of worship or neither? I argued that the offering is neither an element nor a circumstance and thus raised the question . . . Continue reading →

Saturday Psalm Series: Keith Getty’s Critique Of Contemporary Worship Music Is A Step In The Right Direction

In 2008, Mike Horton called attention to the phenomenon of a radically subjective turn in American evangelicalism, in Christless Christianity. Unfortunately, a single book diagnosing the deep sickness of American evangelical Christianity was not enough to turn the tide. In that volume, Mike . . . Continue reading →