Look Ma No Instruments! Psalm 85 Set To Ebeneezer

(HT: Chortles Weakly)

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  1. Too bad I have no Gaelic.

    But it reminds me of a story about George Buchanan, who, after joining the Reformation, became second moderator of the Kirk’s GA and royal tutor to young King James VI of Scotland (later James I of England as well).

    While a student in Paris, Buchanan heard of a woman who claimed possessed by the devil and able to speak all languages. Buchanan, having been born and raised on the Highland Line, got some friends together, approached the woman, and started conversing with her in Gaelic. The woman, of course, looked puzzled. Buchanan then drily remarked that he doubted the devil could not understand the language of Buchanan’s own native land.

  2. It’s funny that people think instruments are an aid to worship. I’m convinced that they are an obstacle to singing well. With an organ drowning out the singing, how is one to hear and improve? How does hiding a problem improve anything?

    • I agree; I find them very distracting and more importantly, verboten. Keep them in the home and out of the church. And for those who don’t like to sing but know they should and do want, no more quietly mumbling the words and relying on other voices and the instruments to hide behind.

  3. Agreed, Joel…Most heartily (and regrettably) agree…lately we’ve stopped singing psalms as much and are singing newer tunes to hymns I don’t recognize and there is just no acapella singing…seems like we’ve ‘added’ a choir, too…to sing during communion, offering, etc. I am aching for simplicity…but alas I’ll have to wait til heaven. Love this post. Heard this before…it brings me to tears!! Love it. thanks for the post…

  4. Beautiful. If only we would try it. I’m in church where they have begun to introduce a Drum Machine of all things. I too ache for simplicity.

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