Now In English: Junius On True Theology

A Treatise on True TheologyLambert Daneau (1530–95) described Franciscus Junius as “a man of singular learning”—and that he was. His biblical scholarship was cited widely by writers from a variety of traditions in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. His influence on the Reformed tradition has been profound, even if not all Reformed folk are aware of it. Now, English readers will be able to see for themselves why that was. This work, with Willem van Asselt’s introduction and Junius’s moving and delightful autobiography, is a most valuable source for the continuing recovery of the Reformed tradition and a window into the theology and piety of classic Reformed theology.

Richard Muller writes in his foreword to this work: “The present volume is a significant effort on several counts. It presents an invaluable and highly influential work to contemporary students of Reformed thought. It offers the first English translation of Junius’s autobiography, a work published posthumously in the seventeenth-century edition of Junius’s complete works. It also offers,by way of the introduction, a perspective on the treatise and on Junius’s life and work in the context of the rise of Reformed scholasticism and orthodoxy.”

Willem van Asselt wrote in the introduction: “True Theology is an excellent example that early modern Reformed theology was not a rationalistic, deterministic, or decretal system, but rather a relational enterprise, determined by and determinative of the divine–human relationship.The important role Junius played in helping shape this Reformed tradition and the significance of his True Theology for the development of Reformed dogmatics cannot be overestimated.”

This is an important volume. David Noe has done us all a great service. Thanks to RHB for their commitment to getting these texts into English and into print.

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