Bullinger On the Superiority Of The New Covenant

Now in order that I might conceal nothing in this matter, I will briefly mention how the church of Christians, which was established after the birth of Christ, excels. First, we are indeed better off than those who lived under the law . . . Continue reading →

Calvin On The Unity Of The Covenant Of Grace

5. Now, if we choose to investigate whether it is right to administer baptism to infants, shall we not say that a man is talking nonsense or indeed raving who would halt with the mere element of water and outward observance, but . . . Continue reading →

New Resource Page: On The Unity Of The Covenant Of Grace (Link Updated)

Reformed theology teaches and the Reformed Churches confess that the Old and New Testaments are fundamentally unified in important ways. The triune God of the New Testament is the God of the Old Testament. The Apostle John says that God the Son, . . . Continue reading →

The Particular Baptists Are Right About This

If one views the substance of the Covenant of Grace as synonymous with or being in substance the same as say the Abrahamic Covenant however, then paedobaptism is the logical conclusion. Ryan Davidson Five Reasons For Considering The 1689 Confession of Faith . . . Continue reading →

Abrahamic Bookends

Father Abraham “Father Abraham has many sons, many sons has father Abraham…”. Amen! How many American evangelicals have sung that youth-group chorus without appreciating the implications of what they were singing? The Apostle Paul writes, What then shall we say was gained . . . Continue reading →

What Is And Is Not New About The New Covenant

Because the Baptist tradition(s) operate from a set of assumptions that are, in certain important ways, distinct from those with which the Reformation churches operate regarding the history of redemption it can be a challenge for those of us within the Reformed . . . Continue reading →