(Reformed) Christianity and (Quasi-Reformed) Revisionism

In his brilliant work, Christianity and Liberalism (1923), J. Gresham Machen called for the “liberals” (many of whom could just as aptly be called broad evangelicals) to be honest about their views and to leave the Presbyterian Church. Thirteen years later, it . . . Continue reading →

Pastor Benefits from Learning the Law/Gospel Distinction

Pastor Tim Blackmon writes: Good morning, I hope this finds you well. I just finished Covenant, Justification and Pastoral Ministry and was blown away by your chapter on Law and Gospel. In 13 years of pastoral ministry, I’ve not seen this emphasized . . . Continue reading →

Theonomy and Federal Vision: Separated at Birth?

The question comes concerning the relations between Theonomy and the Federal Vision. There is reason to think that there is some connection between the two movements. several well-known theonomists are also proponents of the FV. One of the FV leaders recently described . . . Continue reading →

RPCNA Rejects NPP and FV

HT: Bill Chellis at DRC. 1. That Synod DECLARE that we stand in solidarity with our Reformed and Presbyterian brethren in rejecting as contrary to the Scriptures as summarized by our confessional standards the theological views that are generally associated with the . . . Continue reading →

Covenants, Adam, Modernity, and Context Pt 1 (HC 15)

15. What kind of a mediator and redeemer then must we seek? One who is a true1 and righteous man, 2 and yet more powerful than all creatures, that is, One who is also true God.3 11 Cor 15:21, 22, 25, 26. . . . Continue reading →

Abraham, Moses, and Baptism

I’m in the midst of an interesting discussion of baptism with a friend, who has Baptist convictions but who understands Reformed theology better than many Reformed folks. He is quite sympathetic to historic and confessional Reformed theology. For example, he affirms that . . . Continue reading →

Lutheran or Reformed? You Make the Call!

This is why so much depends on the benefit of justification, and it is rightly denominated the article on which the church either stands or falls. For the fundamental question that arises in this connection is this: What is the way that . . . Continue reading →

The NW Presbytery and Peter Leithart (2)

Part 1. For Those Just Tuning In: What Is the Federal Vision? Lane has a follow-up. Jason explains the process and replies to critics who allege bizarrely that well-ordered church discipline is a “witch hunt.” Adam Myer gives a first-hand account of . . . Continue reading →

We May Not Be Able to Move On Yet

Had a great time with the folks at Springs Reformed Church in Colorado Springs, at the “Recovering the Reformation” conference. Attendance was good and reception of the talks and sermons was positive and enthusiastic. Thanks to everyone at Springs Reformed Church, to . . . Continue reading →