We May Not Be Able to Move On Yet

Had a great time with the folks at Springs Reformed Church in Colorado Springs, at the “Recovering the Reformation” conference. Attendance was good and reception of the talks and sermons was positive and enthusiastic. Thanks to everyone at Springs Reformed Church, to . . . Continue reading →

Mainline Escapades: Union Seminary VA Hosts the You-Know-What Monologues

WARNING: this is graphic. If you click on this link you are responsible for what you see. This is not an inducement to click on the link (HT: Classical Presbsyterian). For those who don’t click the nub is that a an old . . . Continue reading →

On Comity And Mission

There is a topic that few NAPARC types dare raise: the matter of comity between the churches. Nevertheless, Darryl Hart has done just that. The Oxford American Dictionary defines comity as: 1. courtesy and considerate behavior toward others. 2. an association of . . . Continue reading →

NW Georgia Presbytery (PCA) Denies Theistic Evolution and Intinction

(HT: Aquila Report) The Northwest Georgia Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) voted without objection on September 15, 2012 to adopt a “Declaration on the Special Creation of Adam and Eve for Presbytery.” Of the 14 particular churches, 8 sessions . . . Continue reading →

“Gender Apartheid” And “Toxic Masculinity” In NAPARC?

Introduction Perhaps a month ago during a podcast hosted by a few women in the PCA and one woman from the OPC complaints were lodged by the hosts against what they describe as “gender apartheid” in the conservative Presbyterian and Reformed (P&R) . . . Continue reading →

Swaim: Machen Was Right

In 1923, a young assistant professor of New Testament at Princeton Theological Seminary named J. Gresham Machen published a scathing critique of the worldview animating establishment or “mainline” Protestant Christianity in Europe and America. That worldview, Machen argued in Christianity and Liberalism, . . . Continue reading →

New In Print: Faithful And Fruitful: Essays For Elders And Deacons

There are three major aspects to being Reformed: theology (doctrine), piety (our reverent approach to God), and practice (how we live out our Christian life in the visible church, at work, and at home). Of these three aspects, theology, whether biblical theology . . . Continue reading →

How To Find A Confessional Presbyterian Or Reformed Congregation

Resources How To Subscribe To Heidelmedia How to support Heidelmedia: use the donate button below The HB Resource Page Heidelmedia Resources Another Way To Find A Confessional Reformed Church In North America When Confessional P & R Congregations Do Not Exist Or . . . Continue reading →

Payne: The PCA Is At A Crossroads

…Many of us are deeply concerned about the influence of Revoice doctrine upon our churches and surprised by the sympathy it has received from some in our ranks. Perhaps of even more concern is the growing ascendancy of critical theory and elements . . . Continue reading →

A Quiet Crisis In The PCA?

Many elders of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) agree that there is a crisis of one kind or another in the denomination. Ironically, one of these crises has to do with elders themselves. More specifically it concerns the participation of elders . . . Continue reading →

Jon Payne: The PCA Is In Trouble

A growing number of our ministers and churches are conforming to the world’s values, attitudes, and ideals, especially as it concerns homosexuality and the social gospel. The future doesn’t look good for the PCA. Frankly, the future looks pretty bad, and I’m . . . Continue reading →

Bringing In 2021 With the Presbycast

New Years Eve was noisy in Escondido but the fireworks really started when I joined Chortles Weakly (Brad Isbell) to help bring in 2021 with the Presbycast. We had fun with sound effects and general goofiness as our dogs both cowered (and . . . Continue reading →

Americans Are Going Home. Maybe It Is Time To Think About About Planting Churches There Too?

Some dear friends left their life in the city and moved back home a few years ago. They live in his Mom and Dad’s place in the Sandhills of Nebraska. North Platte (pop. 23,000), a hour to the south, is the nearest . . . Continue reading →

Some Reasons Why Visitors Do Not Stay And What To Do About It

Presbyterian and Reformed congregations occupy an odd space in American Christianity. We do not really belong to American Christianity in significant ways. Our roots are not in the nineteenth-century revivals nor even in the eighteenth-century revivals. We are no part of the . . . Continue reading →

Can The PCA’s “Big Tent” Hold?

Which Way Will The Moderates Swing?

Is the PCA’s big tent capacious enough for “gay Christian” officers and Revoice doctrine? Adherents of a certain type of “missionalism” might consider Revoice-style contextualization and accommodation to be absolutely essential; thus they would make room in the tent. Moderate evangelicals in . . . Continue reading →