How To Find A Confessional Presbyterian Or Reformed Congregation

Click on the image to go to the map (NB: not all the congregations on this map are confessionally Reformed but this is the most complete map available). Ps. To revise the map contact the author by using the contact information on the left side of the Google map.


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  1. Perfect timing; my roommates and I are moving to Columbus, OH this summer and have been trying to get solid church recommendations. Thank you!!

  2. The 9 Evangelical Presbyterian Churches in NI should be included; their origins and secession from PCI linked to Machen and Westminster (epcni.orgj

  3. Rather misleading on Scotland: ignores not only IPC congregations, but also FC0S, (by far the largest confessional presbyterian church) though includes the FCoS (Continuing). It may be a work in progress, of course…

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