Another Way To Find A Confessional Reformed Church In North America

It can be difficult to locate a confessional Reformed congregation in North America since, for most of the continent (outside of the Southeast USA, Grand Rapids, Philadelphia, and Ontario, Canada) they can be difficult to find. Someone has already made a Google Map of confessional Reformed and Baptist congregations in North America. Today, one of the ministers in my federation of churches (the United Reformed Churches in North America) posted a beta (test) site that allows the user to type in a zip (postal) code. That brings up a list of NAPARC congregations in proximity that zip/postal code. The site is up now but may come and go as the developer works on it. This is a useful tool to be bookmarked for future use.


What should you do, as was true for a recent correspondent, should you find yourself in the unhappy situation of being hours away from the nearest confessional Reformed congregation? My advice is twofold:

  1. Contact the nearest confessional Reformed congregations to tell them of your situation. Perhaps they know people in your area? Opening lines of communication is always a good idea. After you get to know one of those congregations, ask them if they will allow you to unite with them in the hope that may be able to attend on some regular (if not frequent) basis so that you have some pastoral care and guidance for finding some place to fellowship and worship in the meanwhile. For more on this see the resources below.
  2. Pray. Who knows what the Lord is doing in your community? Perhaps there are others who also have Reformed backgrounds, who, like you, are looking for fellowship?
  3. If you would like to plant a URCNA congregation in your area please contact Missions Coordinator, Rev Rich Bout.


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