What About North Dakota?

It’s understandable that people tend to focus on more populous places, but Wes gives us some encouraging news about church planting in the Northern Great Plains. He’s right. We should pray for them. The Great Plains is an area of the country (stretching south . . . Continue reading →

WSC Grad Ministers in Turkey

Fikret Böcek is a WSC graduate and he is planting a Reformed congregation in Izmir (Smyrna), Turkey. This is an amazing development and cause for continued prayer and praise. One of the seven letters to the churches (Rev 2:7-11) was directed to . . . Continue reading →

On Comity And Mission

There is a topic that few NAPARC types dare raise: the matter of comity between the churches. Nevertheless, Darryl Hart has done just that. The Oxford American Dictionary defines comity as: 1. courtesy and considerate behavior toward others. 2. an association of . . . Continue reading →

"Sectarians" v "Relevants" in the PCA and the Strategic Plan

“Nowhere has the disagreements between the “sectarians” and the “relevants” been more evident than in the discussions regarding the Regulative Principle of Worship, women in diaconal ministry, and the cultural mandate of the Church. The Metro New York Presbytery of the PCA, . . . Continue reading →

URCNA Church Planting Conference Mar 28-30 2011 (UPDATED)

Info here (HT: Jared Beaird). It’s great to see confessional Reformed folk getting together to talk, pray, and plan church planting. We have a great mission, a great message,  great opportunity, and the great God above all God’s. Pray for God’s blessing . . . Continue reading →