URCNA Church Planting Conference Mar 28-30 2011 (UPDATED)

Info here (HT: Jared Beaird). It’s great to see confessional Reformed folk getting together to talk, pray, and plan church planting. We have a great mission, a great message,  great opportunity, and the great God above all God’s. Pray for God’s blessing on this conference. Thanks to pastor Carl Heuss, the folks at Coram Deo Reformation Church (URCNA) and the folks in Colorado for working on this. There’s an update.

UPDATE 9 Dec 2010

The committee writes:

The committee would like to remind the churches that the intended primary audience are URCNA church planters, consistory members of churches that are sponsoring or interesting in sponsoring a church plant, core group members of current church plants, and those who assist in funding church planting. The secondary audience is other interested parties in confessional Reformed church planting, such as seminary students, members of URC congregations, and those in NAPARC churches.

We call upon the churches to pray as we believe this conference will serve the federation by helping us to pool efforts and intellectual resources that are currently being expended in isolation. The conference will be focused around key practical issues and challenges related to planting a church in the URCNA or other similar confessional context, including the vision of church planting, finances, extant resources, leadership, media, advertising, outreach, and getting started.

We also wish to solicit any consistories, Classes, or individuals who are able to pledge financial resources to help defray the costs of travel so that needy church planters may attend. All financial contributions will be handled by the overseeing consistory (Coram Deo Reformation Church, Littleton, CO) and will be tax deductible. Just go online at the link above.

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