2011 Westminster Seminary Conference: Christianity and Liberalism Revisited

Few figures have been as important to Reformed Christianity in North America as J. Gresham Machen. He faced many of the same challenges that we face now and he did so in a way that advanced the faith, he did so winsomely, but without compromise. One of his great contributions was the formation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (1936).  Join us as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the OPC next month. Now is the time to register for the WSC annual faculty conference next month  January 14-15 on the campus. This will be our seventh annual faculty conference and they are usually SRO. Registration for this year’s conference is on pace to do the same. The line up this year looks terrific. 

This year’s speakers and topics:

  • Mike Horton, “Christianity and Liberalism Today”
  • Darryl Hart, “The Perennial Machen”
  • Joel Kim, “Machen and the Bible”
  • John Fesko, “Machen and the Gospel”
  • David VanDrunen, “Machen and Ethics”
  • Bob Godfrey, “Machen, Christianity, and the Church”

If you absolutely can’t be in San Diego County in January for a couple of days of fellowship and encouragement 🙂 then you can still watch the conference live online. Conference audio and videos will be available via the bookstore.

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