Ordination in the Snow (Not Quite)

ontariourcLast Lord’s Day evening I was in the LA metro area for the ordination of WSC grad Ruben Sernas at the Ontario United Reformed Church. It was a lovely evening. Ruben is being called by the congregation to plant a Spanish-speaking congregation in the area. Much of the core group was there for the service. Several area ministers and elders were present for the service and I was honored to preach from 1 Tim 4. On the way up, however, there was an unexpected surprise.

The skies over the mountain range to the north of Ontario were crystal clear and we had a terrific view of (I think) Mt. San Antonio with a good bit of snow on it. Rev Stephen Donovan, another WSC alumnus, is the Associate Pastor of Escondido URC. He traveled with my daughter Emily and me took this photo:


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  1. Nice photo. I used to live in that area of CA. That range is affectionately known as Mt. Baldy (if it’s the same mountain I looked at every morning).

  2. Congratulations to Rev. Ruben Sernas. May God bless his work among the Hispanics there.

    Makes me nostalgic just looking at the snowy mountains.

    I also read that the Tour of California will finish in Escondido. What a treat that I would miss!


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