New In Print: Faithful And Fruitful: Essays For Elders And Deacons

There are three major aspects to being Reformed: theology (doctrine), piety (our reverent approach to God), and practice (how we live out our Christian life in the visible church, at work, and at home). Of these three aspects, theology, whether biblical theology or systematic theology, receives the lion’s share of the attention. These volume is a step toward addressing the imbalance as it seeks to help readers (primarily but not exclusively) elders and deacons, the implications of our doctrine for our approach to God in worship and devotions (i.e., in prayer) and for practice. This volume contains 20 essays and 4 appendices addressing the practical life of the church including “Training Church Officers”  (William Shishko), “Positive Leadership: Leading Like Jesus” (William Boekestein), “Continuing in Prayer” (Danny Hyde), “Ministering to the Sick and Dying,” (Richard Anjema), “Classical Christian Catechesis” (R. Scott Clark), “Managing the Offerings of God’s People” (William Godfrey), “How to Evaluate Your Pastor” (Chris Gordon), “How to Serve on a Pastoral Search Committee” (Bradd L. Nymeyer), “Encouraging Lay Witnessing” (R. Scott Clark), “Promoting the Work of Missions” (Michael G. Brown).

The volume is available now from Reformed Fellowship for $16.99 (+ shipping).


Beyond the bare bones of Reformed polity, this book covers a host of church servanthood issues that are especially relevant today. I highly recommend this book especially for current and future office holders.

—Michael Horton,
Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics,
Westminster Seminary California

There are very few resources for pastors and elders that give sage biblical yet practical counsel for their vital work. Faithful and Fruitful, therefore, is a welcome contribution that provides insightful and practical guidance for pastors and elders. Every pastor, elder, consistory, session, and church should own a read a copy of this book.

—J. V. Fesko,
Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology,
Reformed Theological Seminary,
Jackson, MS

Elders and deacons are God’s servants in the church. We all know that servants must be faithful. Yet our Lord reminded us that they must be “faithful and wise” (Luke 12:42). For who can be faithful if he does not understand his master’s plan? This collection of articles presents armloads of biblical and practical wisdom so that faithful men can serve the church well as office bearers.

—Joel R. Beeke,
President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary,
A Pastor of Heritage Reformed Congregation,
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Elders and deacons are called to love and shepherd the church, the church for which Christ shed his very own blood. But caring for the church is not easy, and often can be as complex as it is daunting. That’s what makes Faithful and Fruitful such a welcome addition to the church officer’s bookshelf. This collection of unique, timely, and practical essays will be profoundly beneficial for sessions and diaconates who are serious about cultivating spiritually healthy and
growing congregations.

—Jon D. Payne, Senior Pastor,
Christ Church Presbyterian (PCA),
Charleston, South Carolina,
Executive Coordinator of the Gospel Reformation Network

Here are thoughtful and practical essays to aid the work of the church. While focused on the work of elders and deacons, they will help ministers as well. These essays present the wisdom of experienced pastors, grounded in the Bible. Very valuable.

—W. Robert Godfrey,
Associate Minister of Escondido United Reformed Church,
Chairman of the Board of Ligonier Ministries

This fine collection of essays on a wonderfully wide variety of topics will help equip and stimulate elders and deacons in their high calling, and pastors will benefit as well. Many different current issues, including ones often overlooked, are addressed with biblical faithfulness and pastoral sensitivity, along with much practical help. Heartily recommended!

—Cornelis Van Dam, Author of The Elder and The Deacon

The book Faithful and Fruitful is a collection of interesting and thought-provoking essays that cover many areas of church life: mission, pastoral care, diaconal care, care of the minister (!), catechism teaching, and worship. Contributions were made by experienced churchmen from diverse backgrounds (Reformed and Presbyterian). Many chapters of this book can be used profitably for the training of elders and deacons. Warmly recommended.

—Arjan De Visser, Professor of Ministry and Mission, Canadian
Reformed Theological Seminary, Hamilton, ON

I have found the essays in this book on church leadership to be a wholesome menu rich in historical and practical application, while remaining grounded in Scripture. It can be used as a manual of church order! The book is set in the context of the Presbyterian form of church government but the principles taught in it can and should be applied to any other form. I commend this book especially to those who are learning the ropes of church leadership. Applying its principles will ensure that Christ’s people are led effectively and in a way that truly glorifies God.

—Conrad Mbewe, Pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church and first
Chancellor of the African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia

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