The Three Forms Of Unity In Taught In Swahili, In Isiolo, Kenya

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Jim Faucett writes, “This pastor is a native Turkana speaker, he is teaching from the Swahili edition of the Three Forms Of Unity. Editor’s Note: The Three Forms of Unity are the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism, and the Canons of Dort.

There are eight Emmaus Churches in the area of Isiolo, Kenya, which is about 285 kilometers (approx. 177 miles) north of Nairobi. All the congregations are among the Turkana.

All the congregations have been supplied with copies of the Three Forms Of Unity. We had 1000 copies printed. They are all distributed now, not only in Kenya, but in Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo as well. Some of our Baptist and Pentecostal friends are responding positively to covenant theology. In Bumala, the pastor brought his entire family forward for baptism, including his newborn son.

Thanks for providing such great resources. Many of our Kenyan friends are now listening to the Heidelcast series “I will be a God to you and unto your children.”


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