A New Reformed Podcast: Jerusalem Chamber

Shawn Anderson, Kyle Borg, Nathan Eshelman, and Joel Wood are Reformed ministers in the RPCNA. They have a new podcast, The Jerusalem Chamber. The name is a reference to the room in which much of the work was done to draft the Westminster Confession of Faith in the 1640s. Here is a bit more about the guys. I know Joel, Kyle, and Nathan personally. These are good, faithful, and thoughtful ministers and they vouch for Shawn so that’s good enough for me. They have already recorded and released several episodes. I’ve added it to my list of subscribed podcasts (I use Podcruncher). You can subscribe here. Here is episode 1, on confessionalism, a topic close to my heart. They offer a bibliography of resources on confessionalism. To their bibliography I would add two volumes, D. G. Hart, Lost Soul of American Protestantism and this volume. Here’s the syllabus for my course on the Reformed confessions.

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    • It’s working just fine for me, for playback and download directly from the website. Thanks for the heads up, Dr. Clark!

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