Rollock: Of Works Done By Strength And Nature

Man, after the fall, abides under the covenant of works; and to this day, life is promised him under condition of works done by strength and nature. But if he will not do so well, death and the everlasting curse of God . . . Continue reading →

Rollock: Covenant Of Works Founded On Nature And Republished To Israel

For this cause he, when he was to repeat that covenant of works to the people of Israel, he gave the first law written in tables of stone; Then he made a covenant with his people, saying,”do these things and ye shall live.” Therefore the ground of the covenant of works was not Christ, nor the grace of God in Christ, but the nature of man in the first creation holy and perfect, endued also with the knowledge of the law. Continue reading →

New In Print: Rollock’s Questions And Answers On The Covenant And Sacraments

Too often the story of the development of Reformed theology covers a few major figures in the early to mid-16th century before leapfrogging into the 17th century. With this excellent translation and these judicious selections, Aaron Denlinger has done us all a . . . Continue reading →

New In Print: Robert Rollock On Ephesians

Robert Rollock (1555–99) was one of the most significant Reformed theologians in Scotland in the late sixteenth century. He was an important figure in the development of Reformed covenant theology. He received Calvin’s theology and was especially influenced by Caspar Olevianus (1536–87) . . . Continue reading →