New In Print: Rollock’s Questions And Answers On The Covenant And Sacraments

PICKWICK_TemplateToo often the story of the development of Reformed theology covers a few major figures in the early to mid-16th century before leapfrogging into the 17th century. With this excellent translation and these judicious selections, Aaron Denlinger has done us all a great service by drawing our attention to the sinews that account for the development of orthodox Reformed in the late 16th and early 17th century.



  • Some Questions and Answers about God’s Covenant and the Sacrament That is the Seal of God’s Covenant.
  • On the Covenant of God.
  • On the Sacraments
  • On Good Works

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  1. I just received this book in the mail from Nice. Very nice. Excellent and informative introduction, 167 catechism Questions and Answers, and three essays On the Covenant of God, On the Sacrament, and On Good Works.

    Get it!

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