A Constitutional Crisis?

If civil freedom, including religious freedom, is the relative absence of restraint and the restrainers (those charged authority to uphold the law) are to be constrained by a constitution, then when the constitution is ignored freedom is necessarily jeopardized.

Ben Is A Straight Shooter

We live in a time when telling the truth is not fashionable, when it’s considered a little gauche (unsophisticated, awkward) to speak the truth plainly. More than that it’s considered a little old-fashioned to talk about truth at all. As far as . . . Continue reading →

John Dewey’s Plan For Your Children

[John Dewey] doesn’t want the school any longer to be in the handmaiden role, aiding parents in their goal of passing literacy and tradition and deferred gratification on to the their progeny. . . [H]is schools now have the socially transforming purpose . . . Continue reading →

Who Needs The Church In A Post-Christian World? Christ Reformed DC’s Spring Speaker Series

It is rare to have a United States Senator speak at a church conference. It is even more rare for the Senator to have something theologically interesting to say.  On Thursday evening, March 31, Senator Ben Sasse will speak at Christ Reformed Church . . . Continue reading →