An Outstanding New Podcast: The Humble Skeptic

Shane Rosenthal is a former student, an old friend, and was the long-time producer of the White Horse Inn. He has a new podcast and it is outstanding. There are a lot of podcasts from which to choose but you only have so much time, so you need to be selective. The Humble Skeptic is one of the best I have ever heard. It is a breath of fresh air. Riveting. I am subscribed and I will be supporting it. You should too.

Lydia McGrew says,

Shane Rosenthal’s fascinating new podcast, The Humble Skeptic, aims to show that a Christianity founded solidly on evidence can boldly answer the “outsider test” for truth in religious matters. With an emphasis on eyewitness testimony, careful thinking, and common sense, it promises to be an excellent addition to the apologetics podcast menu.

Mike Horton says,

Shane Rosenthal’s Humble Skeptic podcast is superb! I was drawn in by the subject matter and narration of the first episode and am looking forward to hearing what’s next. Humble Skepticism — what a concept!

Here is the pilot episode.



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  1. Shane Rosenthal’s inaugural podcast vividly illustrates that things are not always as they seem. “Facts” that seem certain are not always so. Popular accounts, accepted by a majority, oftentimes contain gaping holes.

    My son is pursuing a Masters Degree in American History. He has found that many historical narratives, taken as established fact, sometimes defy logic and ordinary common sense. Sources must be scrutinized and “established” facts critically analyzed.

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