New in the Bookstore at WSC: Beardslee's Reformed Dogmatics

This is an exceptionally valuable and important book for anyone who is interested in reading classic Reformed theology, in reading some of the more important sources (in English) of Reformed theology. In this volume the editor compiled sections from Turretin’s Institutes which . . . Continue reading →

Wollebius On Bible Translation

Prolegomena To Christian Theology “XV. Therefore, their [Scripture] translation into the common language of every nation is necessary. XVI. No translation is authentic except in so far as it agrees with the Hebrew and Greek originals.” —Johannes Wollebius, Compendium of Christian Doctrine . . . Continue reading →

Good’s Brutal Assessment Of Two Delegates To Dort

Basle ought to have sent [Wollebius] to that synod [of Dort] instead of the two mediocre delegates she sent, as he would have ranked up close to Diodati in ability. —James I. Good, History of the Swiss Reformed Church Since the Reformation . . . Continue reading →

What Does “General Equity” Mean?

I. As the ceremonial law was concerned with God, the political was concerned with the neighbor. II. In those matters on which it is in harmony with the moral law and with ordinary justice, it is binding upon us. III. In those . . . Continue reading →

New In Print: Compendio De Teologia Crista By Johannes Wollebius

Johannes Wollebius (1589–1629) was a professor of Old Testament, theologian, and pastor in Basel. His Compendium of theology was widely used in the 17th century and even it was so well regarded that it even replaced William Ames’ Marrow in the American . . . Continue reading →