New in the Bookstore at WSC: Beardslee's Reformed Dogmatics

beardslessreformeddogmaticsThis is an exceptionally valuable and important book for anyone who is interested in reading classic Reformed theology, in reading some of the more important sources (in English) of Reformed theology. In this volume the editor compiled sections from Turretin’s Institutes which are not as useful as they once were since the Institutes are available in their entirety in English. There are two other selections, however, that make Beardslee’s Reformed Dogmatics exceptionally useful for students of Reformed theology. The first is the inclusion of Wollebius’ Compendium of theology. It’s brief, it’s clear, and my students report consistently that it is one of their favorite assignments. Think of this as a 17th-century version of Berkhof’s Manual of Theology. The third selection is also exceptionally useful as it is a piece from Gijsbertus Voetius. There is very little of Voetius’ work in English and yet he was one of the most influential 17th-century Dutch Reformed theologians. In our Reformed Scholasticism seminar we read and discuss both these selections and this too is one of the most interesting and stimulating texts we read. The introduction is quite dated and can be more or less ignored but the primary sources included in this collection shouldn’t be missed.

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