Resources for Reformed Approaches to Natural Law

I get occasional queries about theonomy, reconstructionism, and alternatives to the same. The folks at Covenant OPC (Abilene, TX ) have put together a terrific page of resources on the Reformed approach to natural law. Here’s an essay I did several years . . . Continue reading →

Calvin On The Twofold Kingdom

Therefore, in order that none of us may stumble on that stone, let us first consider that there is a twofold government in man (duplex esse in homine regimen): one aspect is spiritual, whereby the conscience is instructed in piety and in . . . Continue reading →

Christ and Culture Reading List (Updated)

Richard Wolfe wrote to the HB to ask for about reading that he and his pastor might do in preparation for the upcoming WSC faculty conference, Christ, Kingdom, and Culture. In response I thought of the “Christ and culture” volumes that were . . . Continue reading →

Fisher's Catechism on Distinction Between the Special and General Kingdoms

James Fisher published a widely-read (and oft-reprinted) Exposition of the Shorter Catechism (1753). Ebenezer Erskine and other of the “Marrow Men,” i.e., those who were the gospel-men in 18th-century Scotland (as opposed to the moralists of the time) were also associated with . . . Continue reading →