New in the Bookstore: John Murray, Principles of Conduct

If you’re looking for a basic, thoughtful, careful introduction to a Reformed approach to the Christian life, John Murray’s Principles of Conduct is a great place to start. This is one of my favorite books. it’s $12.14 plus ($5.00) shipping from The Bookstore at WSC. Remember it helps the HB when you click through to the Bookstore at WSC through the HB.

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  1. Brad: Murray’s great work was originally published in 1957. Also published that same year was Carl F. H. Henry’s massive book on Christian ethics, “Christian Personal Ethics.” In it, Henry traces ethical thought from the Greeks to the present, and lays out biblical ethics as its understood today. Funny how two books on the same subject were published by major publishers in the same year. Henry’s book is very learned and wonderful, but I prefer, personally, Murray’s book – a sensitively Reformed explanation of Christian ethics. If you haven’t read it, get it!

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