How to React to Homosexuals in the Congregation?

The question was raised on the PB how a congregation ought to respond to practicing homosexuals who are visiting a congregation regularly. Here’s a slightly revised version of my initial answer. First, praise God that they are in the congregation where, one trusts, . . . Continue reading →

Audio: Nine Points (Part 6) The Difference Between the Covenants of Works and Grace

Nine Points of Synod Schereville (part 6) This talk is part of the ongoing series in the adult class at the Oceanside URC, Carlsbad, CA. Today we looked at points 3 and 4 of the Nine Points of Synod Schereville (URCNA; 2007).

Audio: Exposition of the Nine Points (Pt 8): Defining Grace and Faith

Exposition of the Nine Points (pt 8)-Defining Grace and Faith We reject the errors of those: who teach that Spirit-wrought sanctity, human works, or cooperation with grace is any part either of the ground of our righteousness before God or any part . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast: Does God Give Faith to the Living or to the Dead?

Heidelcast: Does God Give Faith to the Living or the Dead? Dan writes to the HC to ask about the timing of regeneration (making alive by the Spirit) and faith but he raises the question of whether God gives faith to the . . . Continue reading →

The Inquisition Isn’t Over, It Just Changed Clothes

RNS has a story today about the Vatican’s policy of “pontifical secrecy.” Read the story. The approach Rome is taking toward the problem of sex abuse by priests reminds one of the policies followed in the inquisition. What was established for the . . . Continue reading →

Semi-Pelagianism and Faith as the Instrument of Existential-Mystical Union with Christ (Pt 4)

Part 3. William Perkins on Mystical Union: The benefits which we receive by this Mystical union are manifold. For it is the ground of the conveyance of all grace. The first is, that by means hereof every Christian as he is a . . . Continue reading →