Roger’s God

Editor’s Note: Originally posted on Saturday, September 1, 2007 at 09:46AM. Lightly edited. Roger Olson is at it again. He wants to know where God was when the bridge collapsed in Minneapolis. The smart aleck answer, of course is, “Everywhere, right where . . . Continue reading →

The Coherence Of Word And Spirit

A problem exists in the modern church, plagued by modernity, in her inability to see the coinherence of the word and Spirit. Pietism seeks a separation of the two, but Romanism prioritizes the office over the Spirit. If the institution and office . . . Continue reading →

Providence: God’s Active, Almighty, Present, Power (1)

From the moment Adam sought to grasp equality with God (Phil 2), from the moment he mysteriously rebelled against God’s sovereignty and hiddenness (“You shall be as God”), from the moment he ceased to love and adore the triune God, since that . . . Continue reading →

Divine Sovereignty, Evil, Mystery, and “Calvinism”

Recently, a well-meaning “New Calvinist” (more on this nomenclature in part 2) posted some very blunt language on Twitter about the relationship between divine sovereignty and various ways in which people suffer in this world. He wrote that if you experienced X . . . Continue reading →

How Did We Come To Faith?

Why should we study what the Bible says about how we came to faith in Jesus? Isn’t it enough to simply believe and let it go? After all, do not such discussions only cause hurt feelings and doctrinal arguments among believers? These are good questions. Here are two answers. First, Jesus himself calls us to pay attention to His hard words. Continue reading →