Heidelcast 140: I Am That I Am (12): The Attributes Of God

The foundational truth for this series is the categorical distinction, the Creator/creature distinction. We can and must apprehend God as he reveals himself to us. He is knowable. We can say true things about him, but we can never know God in his entirety. He is incomprehensible. We cannot know what God knows, the way he knows it. We know in a way that is appropriate to creatures, as image bearers, as analogues. The first attribute we want to consider in this episode is his sovereignty. God is sovereign, the great ruler of heaven and earth, the final court of appeal, the absolute king behind whom there is no other authority. He creates and disposes, saves and judges sovereignly and finally. There is no court of appeal beyond him. We will also consider the distinction between God’s incommunicable attributes and his communicable attributes, e.g. justice, holiness, and mercy among others.

Here is the episode:

Here is the entire series so far: I AM that I AM

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