Heidelcast 110: I Will Be A God To You And To Your Children (6)

This is episode 6 of our series: I will be a God to You and to Your Children. Last time we began looking at how types and shadows help us sort out what, in the history of redemption, is temporary and what is permanent. Are there any clues in the types and shadows themselves? How do the Hebrew Scriptures speak about the types and shadows and do the prophets give us an indication of what they consider to be temporary and permanent? When the New Testament looks back on the history of redemption what does it see, what do the writers of the New Testament see as temporary in the period of types and shadows and what do they see as permanent? This is important because one of the objections that my Baptist friends make to infant baptism is to say that the act of initiating children into the visible covenant community, into the visible church, is part of the types and shadows. Is that true? That’s what we’re exploring in this episode. Last time we looked at Genesis chapters 3, 6, 12, and 15. In this episode we will consider the covenant formula of Genesis 17 and more examples of types and shadows to see if we can find a pattern, to see if we can learn what is permanent and what is temporary.

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