The Killer Bs: Idols of the Minister’s Heart

An HB Classic

There are three great idols that all ministers must tear down daily cast into the fire for scrap: buildings, bodies, and budgets. These are the three things that almost invariably come up in conversation with pastors and, I must confess, I’ve too . . . Continue reading →

Heidelberg 99–100: Sanctifying The Lord’s Name

In 2013 there was a court case in Miami in which a teen-ager was sentenced to 30 days for showing disrespect to a judge and to the court. The defendant did not seem to be able to comprehend that she was in . . . Continue reading →

Ursinus Contra The Anabaptists On Oaths

Objection: 1. But Christ says, “Swear not at all;” and James says, “Nor by any other oath…”. Therefore Christians are not allowed to swear [oaths] under any form. Answer: There is here a fallacy of composition; for when Christ says, swear not . . . Continue reading →