Evangelicals And Catholics Together: A Post-Mortem

Evangelicals and Catholics Together

New Preface This essay originally appeared in print in 2001 and later online, on the Heidelblog. When the essay first appeared the controversy over Evangelicals and Catholics Together was still relatively fresh. Reformed leaders (e.g., Mike Horton, R. C. Sproul, James M. . . . Continue reading →

How the Two Kingdoms Doctrine Could Have Prevented ECT

From the beginning it was apparent that the cart driving the theological horse in the Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT) negotiations (which continue!) is the pressure to form a “common front” against neo-paganism, secularism, materialism, and other forms of fallout from late . . . Continue reading →

Of Catholics, Evangelicals, and Rome

(revised and re-posted from 7 May ’07. This post was occasioned by the announcement of the conversion of the now former president of ETS, Francis Beckwith, to Rome). § Mr White, Mr Black, and Mr Gray Cornelius Van Til used to write . . . Continue reading →

What Richard John Neuhaus Means to Me

A number of evangelical and socially conservative blogs and publications are marking the death (not “passing” but that’s another post) yesterday of Richard John Neuhaus at age 72. It is not remarkable that social conservatives are weeping today. After a career as . . . Continue reading →

CT Reports on Shifts within Inter-Varsity

When I was in college the BSU (Baptist Student Union) was the place to meet nice Christian girls, Crusade was for evangelistic-minded types, Navigators was for spiritual discipline, and Inter-Varsity (IV) was for intellectuals. IV was clearly associated with the historic, confessional . . . Continue reading →

Reformation Fatigue?

Darryl Hart writes, Several years have passed since Mark Noll and Carolyn Nystrom co-authored, Is the Reformation Over? An Assessment of Contemporary Roman Catholicism (2005) but their recognition of Rome’s growing appeal to evangelical Protestants is no less true today than it . . . Continue reading →

Colson Calls for Doctrinal Boot Camp: But Which Doctrine?

In 1994 Chuck Colson attempted to convince evangelicals that the decline of the culture was so precipitous that they needed to set aside the historic Protestant doctrine of justification in favor of an intentionally equivocal statement about how we are accepted by . . . Continue reading →

What Henk Navis Means to Me

Unlike Father Neuhaus, I guess few readers of this space will know who Henk Navis was, but he died today. Henk did not participate in any famous negotiations with anyone. He did not leave one communion for another. He wasn’t celebrated or . . . Continue reading →

How Many Mediators?

In a 15 May essay in The Christian Century, Richard Mouw argues that we Protestants should perhaps re-think the question of praying to deceased Christians. He confesses that he wasn’t really well acquainted with the Roman doctrine of prayer and the intercession . . . Continue reading →

Rick Warren And Catholics Together

Darryl Hart has a thought-provoking post today on Rick Warren’s recent comments about what Rome and Protestants have in common. Warren’s comments are a sterling reminder of the importance of knowing our church history. Yes, Christians of all the major traditions receive . . . Continue reading →

Pietists And Romanists Together

Evangelicals and Catholics Together

In 1994 a notable collection of Evangelicals and Roman Catholics, or Romanists, signed the first in a series of documents known as “Evangelicals and Catholics Together.” In a couple of places, Reformation 21 and First Things the beginning of those discussions are . . . Continue reading →

An Appreciation Of J. I. Packer And A Dissent

On 17 July, 2020 J. I. Packer (b. 1926) went to be with our Lord. Like Carl Trueman I am thankful for Packer. As a young evangelical, Packer and John R. W. Stott saved me from the mindless evangelicalism toward which I . . . Continue reading →

Yes, A Pope Will Occasionally Speak About Justification By Grace And Faith

The Bishop of Rome apparently made noises about justification by grace through faith and some evangelicals are excited as if this marks a change in Roman doctrine or in the bishop’s thinking. It does not. Continue reading

Evangelicals And Catholics Together: A Post-Mortem

When the essay first appeared, the controversy over Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT) was still relatively fresh. Reformed leaders (e.g., Mike Horton, R. C. Sproul, James M. Boice, and W. Robert Godfrey, et al.) had responded to ECT by forming the Alliance . . . Continue reading →

Of Catholics, Evangelicals, and Rome

Mr. White, Mr. Black, and Mr. Gray Cornelius Van Til used to write about Mr. White (the confessionally Reformed fellow), Mr. Black (the Roman Catholic fellow), and Mr. Gray (or Grey, the Arminian fellow). His point was that, on some issues, the . . . Continue reading →