Colson Calls for Doctrinal Boot Camp: But Which Doctrine?

In 1994 Chuck Colson attempted to convince evangelicals that the decline of the culture was so precipitous that they needed to set aside the historic Protestant doctrine of justification in favor of an intentionally equivocal statement about how we are accepted by . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours: With Jon Payne On Discipleship And Revoice

Office Hours Video

Our Lord Jesus called the church to make disciples (Matt 28:18–20) and he even ordained means by which we might become disciples and grow in our discipleship. The Apostles followed this pattern (Acts 2:42; Rom 10:14). Nevertheless, when we think about discipleship . . . Continue reading →

Seeker, Franchise, Or Reforming: Moving Beyond Some Current Models In Reformed Church Planting To Recover The Whole Mission

The need is great, the mission is great but our God is greater and his grace is greater than all our sin and weakness. Pray for the harvest. Organize for the mission (to plant churches) and ask yourself where your congregation falls in the seeker — franchise — reforming continuum: is there a passion for the whole mission? Continue reading →

From MLM To The Freedom Of The Christian

The most intense religious meetingI ever attended, including prayer meetings with Pentecostals, was not supposed to be a religious event at all.   The Meeting I went with the fellow whom the Lord had used to lead me to Christ. He was . . . Continue reading →